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$1000 iPhone 6S Case – Advent

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Would certainly you invest $1000 on a Titanium made iPhone 6 case?
► Advent Instance:
► dbrand skins:

♦ Complete Gear Listing:
♦ Epic Office/Desk Tours:
♦ Spending plan Filming/Youtube Equipment:


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    1. +Raven fucking chill man i threw it together to prove a point not spoonfeed him a list “a pc 5 moniters and some games a tv and a xbox” dumbass

    1. HIGHSENBERG I’m Saudi but I’ll tell you one thing no matter how much money anyone has if they buy this they are too dumb

    2. I doubt he bought. It was probably the company that shipped it to him for free so he can advertise it to his 1+ million subscribers.

  1. i hope linus review this case….

    case manufacturer….someone dumb enough will buy this…

    china: lets copy that and sell for $8….

  2. 2:27 That’s not an iPhone 6S is it? how is it all black? and how did your phone change colors… 2:48 O.o


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