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5 side-swept hairstyles for long hair

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There are more than one ways to style long hair other than simply throwing all of that gorgeous length in a messy bun. Want to flaunt your envious tresses without them getting in your face? Try side-swept hairstyles. They are a fun way to switch up your look and break out of your hairstyle rut. From side buns to classic waves, here are five pretty side-swept hairstyles you can try on your long mane…


01. Side-swept braid

01. Side-swept braid

Image courtesy: @nicolescherzinger

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A side-swept braid is one of the easiest ways to style long locks in just a couple of minutes. For this particularly boho look, gather all your hair to one side and braid loosely. Leave face-framing tendrils loose in the front. To add some texture on top, treat your scalp to dry shampoos like the Dove Volume and Fullness Dry Shampoo. It freshens up second-day hair and adds grit to your hair that’ll make the hairstyle stay put longer.


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02. Classic side-swept waves

02. Classic side-swept waves

Image courtesy: @cwoodhair

A side-swept hairstyle in the classic sense means styling all your hair to one side in gorgeous waves. Secure back with some lovely barrette or bedazzled hair clips and let the tendrils in the front flow in tight waves down your side. Use some hair wax like the TIGI Bed Head Manipulator Matte Hair Wax to create the lift in the front and add further define the waves.


03. Side-swept low ponytail

03. Side-swept low ponytail

Image courtesy: @aviranasyag

While high, side ponytails are more distinctive and edgy, we like the toned down and low-key version of the same. Create a deep side parting and secure your hair in a low, loose ponytail. Throw in some loose waves to glam up the look in an instant.


04. Side-swept bun

04. Side-swept bun

Image courtesy: @olhaessatranca

The dressier version of a low bun, this side-swept style can be a good way to take look from day-to-night. It is exactly the kind of high glam hairstyle that you look for to wear on special occasions. The braiding on the side makes it perfect for a bridal look as well.


05. Side-swept skull braid

05. Side-swept skull braid

Image courtesy: @eletny

Style your hair to one side, starting from the roots and creating a bubble braid close to the back of your head. We love the big bow and loose strands near the ear — it looks lived-in and exudes an effortless vibe.

Main image courtesy: @cwoodhair, @eletny


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