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5 tips to make thin hair thicker

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If you have naturally thin and limp looking hair, you’d be all too familiar with the struggles associated with this hair type. Not only is thin hair weak and more prone to breakage, but also tricky to style.

If you have thin hair and have relegated your life to live with it, we urge you to hear us out — ‘cause we’re about to help you turn things around. By simply following the super easy and effective hair care tips mentioned below, it is indeed possible to make your hair grow thicker, fuller and more voluminous over time. Nope, no kidding!


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01. Use hair thickening products

01. Use hair thickening products

If you have thin hair and want to make them appear thicker and more voluminous, you need to start including thickening products in your routine. These products help in plumping up each hair strand of hair and help you achieve more volume. The protein in these products penetrate the scalp and strengthen the cuticle to help store more moisture. This is why thickening hair products work really well to make your hair appear fuller quite efficiently.

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02. Avoid over washing

02. Avoid over washing

A big mistake most girls with thin hair tend to make is wash their hair very frequently. This strips your hair of natural oils and makes them appear stringy and thin. A simple way to prevent over washing is to use a dry shampoo in-between washes. This will help soak excess oils, refresh your strands while delivering incredible volume.

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03. Take care of your scalp

03. Take care of your scalp

For your hair to grow thicker, stronger and healthier, the way you care for your scalp is of extreme importance. It is necessary to use gentle products that do not irritate your scalp, affecting hair growth. Apart from this, scrubbing your scalp, massaging it and regular hair oiling can stimulate the follicles and promote thicker hair growth.

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04. Avoid regular heat styling

04. Avoid regular heat styling

Regularly using heat on your hair is something girls with thin hair should totally avoid. Heat strips your hair of moisture, thereby damaging them. It also leads to other problems such as hair fall and breakage. Therefore, it would be wiser to opt for heatless hairstyles. But on the days when you need to use heat styling tools, apply a generous amount of heat protectant spray to shield your hair from excessive damage.

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05. Consume the right diet

05. Consume the right diet

If you didn’t already know what you eat has a direct relation to how your hair looks and feels. Therefore, it is essential to include more hair-loving foods such as healthy fats, nuts, seeds and green leafy vegetables. Additionally, you may also need to include biotin, multivitamin and fatty acids supplements in your diet to provide your hair with all-round nourishment and stimulate thicker hair growth.

Main image courtesy: @dishapatani

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