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5 Well-liked Yoga Poses And What They Symbolize

• Yoga Fundamentals

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Maybe you’ve been practising yoga for some time now and even educating it. You’ve spent hours making an attempt to nail all of the poses and their names, even in Sanskrit.

You perceive the distinction between the Warrior poses and your Plank is as regular as a rock. However there’s far more to yoga than simply bettering your steadiness, strengthening your core, or serving to you sleep higher. Every asana’s kind and title is rife with non secular which means and connection to one thing deeper than the bodily world. Figuring out the symbolism in frequent yoga poses can empower, encourage and deepen your yoga follow.

Why examine the symbolism of yoga postures?

Yoga is a wealthy custom that is filled with symbolic which means. The traditional yoga poses might be seen as a language, a way of communication between the physique and the thoughts. Studying and understanding the yoga pose symbols may help increase your focus and focus and deepen your non secular follow of the postures. Understanding the symbolism in frequent yoga poses may help you obtain a deeper stage of physique consciousness and life satisfaction. They strengthen and assist a devoted yoga follow and supply perception into some key themes that run by means of many yoga traditions.

Yoga poses as symbols

Animals, parts of nature, and the names of historical sages are the inspiration for lots of the names of the yoga poses. The traditional yogis understood the facility of symbols and used them to shortly convey the spirt, power and form of every asana. Training a posture with the attention of the symbolic story behind them can add a brand new layer of which means and perception. It might additionally add a way of play, delight and marvel in your yoga follow.

What do yoga poses symbolize?

yoga pose symbol

This pose may appear easy, however its which means and symbolism run deeper than you assume. In Sanskrit, this pose is named Tadasana, with ‘tada’ which means mountain and ‘asana’ which means posture. The mountain pose is also referred to as the Samasthiti which is derived from the phrase “Sama,” meaning upright and unmoving and “Sthiti” which suggests nonetheless and regular. This pose is the inspiration for all standing poses and evokes stillness, energy, stability, and energy, similar to a mountain.

Most individuals don’t pay sufficient consideration to the way in which they stand, and additional time many develop an imbalance within the hips and backbone. This pose works to create a lightness within the physique, serves to floor us right down to earth, and invitations a gradual power into the physique.

Baby’s pose

In contrast to other symbols, Baby’s pose is simple and comparatively simple to grasp. It’s merely symbolic of the childlike curiosity that’s misplaced in maturity. This fetal place pose could be very satisfying after an extended day or vigorous yoga class, to attract up emotions of consolation and safety.


By recreating these emotions from childhood and even earlier than start, you’re surrendering right down to the earth, settling into our deepest selves, which may launch pointless rigidity. The truth is, 54% of yoga lovers mentioned that practising yoga poses helps them launch rigidity. The image right here can information you to reconnect with a time wherein you felt no stress or rigidity, solely pleasure.

Warrior Two pose

Warrior II is a logo of the fearless warrior Virabhadra who was mentioned to have defeated their enemies with a thousand arms. This pose is supposed to channel dedication, braveness and energy. One of the best ways to make use of this pose is to strategy it as metaphor for the challenges in our lives being similar to actual battlefields. The energy of Warrior Two can evoke the sentiments of being an actual warrior preventing by means of a battlefield or persevering by means of your challenges with energy and inside energy.

Corpse pose

Savasana, or Corpse pose, can appear morbid at first, however when considered otherwise because the image for the circle of life, it may be deeply therapeutic on your thoughts, physique, and spirit. As you lie again, you must think about letting all of the lifeless components of your self fall away into the earth or up into the air.

It may be exhausting to give up your self and your emotions to permit Savasna to essentially work, however you must get higher at with sufficient follow. In the long term, a pose corresponding to this may be actually therapeutic and assist work towards feeling higher in your self. Round 42% of yoga practitioners surveyed insisted that yoga elevated their private well-being. In lots of instances, this works finest when this deeper reference to the poses and their meanings is discovered.

Eagle pose

This yoga pose’s image is true there in its title. The eagle is a regal hen recognized for its energy and numerous myths as a messenger of God. As you sit within the pose, you’ll be able to visualize your self retreating between non secular and earthly planes. Your new eagle eye of the world ought to soak up a larger life perspective as simply one of many many nice advantages of practising yoga.

Eagle pose requires nice focus and lots of persistence. Consider it like this: getting caught on all of the damaging challenges or difficulties of life could also be simple, very like how troublesome this pose might be at first, however a calmness and the correct amount of focus may help you in your journey. Eagle Pose helps us to see what’s vital in life.


The advantages of yoga are a lot and may reward you with a lifetime of pleasure, well being, and happiness when executed with conscious consciousness and clear intentions. Understanding not solely how you can do a pose however the symbolism and the which means behind each can enable for this to occur extra deeply and in addition simply, like unlocking a door inside your self. These symbols aren’t limitations however extra methods in which you’ll discover yoga and its prospects.

What does your favourite yoga pose symbolize to you? Are you interested in the non secular meanings behind different well-liked yoga poses? Tell us within the feedback under!



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