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Hair Oil for Your Hair Type

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We can’t even begin to count how many times we’ve relied on a hot oil massage as a quick-fix for your hair (and mood too!) Be it for a night of sound sleep, a healthy scalp or luscious locks, it only takes a few minutes for the oil to work its magic. However, to get the most benefits of hair oil, it’s important to choose the right one that’s meant specifically for your hair type. So here’s a guide on how to choose the hair oil that’s right for you…


Curly hair

Curly hair

If you have lush, full curls that so many women long for, we suggest almond oil. This fairly viscous oil is filled with Vitamins A, B, E and omega-3 fatty acids. Together, they nourish the lengths of the hair, strengthen the roots and smooth frizz. They even enhance your hair’s natural curly texture. To get the best version of almond oil, opt for the Dove Elixir Hair Fall Rescue Hair Oil. In addition to almond oil, it’s enriched with rose extracts that strengthen hair from the root and prevent breakage—strong, healthy curls, here we come!

Thin hair

The trouble with oiling thin hair is that it can get greasy and fall flat. But with the right choices like rose oil and argan oil, fine hair will ask for more. Rose oil is incredibly lightweight and sits lightly on thin hair without weighing it down. It also helps to get rid of frizz and give the hair sheen. Now argan oil needs no introduction. It’s high in Vitamin E and non-greasy hence it moisturises the hair wonderfully without making it heavy.


Dry hair

Dry hair

Regardless if your hair is straight, wavy or curly, sometimes it has inherent dryness. To keep this in check, you can opt for either olive oil or grapeseed oil. A favourite of the Mediterranean, olive oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. This helps seal moisture in the strand and protect its keratin content which is much-needed for this hair type. Grape seed oil is also a great alternative to reduce dryness. It contains Vitamin E which repairs damage and brittleness in the hair strand. Now you know what to choose for your next head massage!



Thick hair

Thick hair

While many assume that thick tresses never have hair problems, this actually isn’t true. Thick haired ladies need to keep their hair strong and nourished from root to tip. For that, we recommend coconut oil. It is rich in nutrients and anti-fungal agents which smoothen hair, care for the scalp and nourish it deeply. For most hair care problems, you can also opt for the Indulekha Bringha Oil. Its formula consists of Ayurvedic ingredients like neem, aloe vera and amla combined in a coconut oil base. Along with a selfie applicator, this hair oil keeps the scalp healthy and encourages new growth of hair.

Wavy hair

For hair that has a gentle wave running through its natural texture, we suggest the use of castor oil and jojoba oil. Castor oil works amazingly to seal moisture in the strand and promote its thickness. It also drives away frizz so that the wavy texture remains smooth. Jojoba oil is similar in consistency to the scalp’s natural sebum. This keeps the hair hydrated and manageable without making it too greasy – perfect for wavy hair!

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