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Perfume has the unique ability to
capture and awake our dearest memories of a cherished experience, place or a
special someone. It can also turn you into focus of attention and let’s face
it, we all want to smell great all day long. But often, we elegantly spritz a
couple of drops of our favourite scent only to notice that it’s gone by noon or
we douse ourselves in the perfume so everyone can smell it, even those on the
other end of the city.

However, there are a few tricks that
can help you get the most of your favourite fragrance without using the entire
bottle in one day.

Perfume Application

TIP: Go for
a strong base note


Fragrance consists of top notes,
heart notes and middle notes. Top notes are the initial scent you smell
spritzing your fragrance, and it tends to fades quickly; heart notes are
the middle of the fragrance, often developing throughout the day, as
these warm and wear the underlying scent you left is in the base notes,
the heaviest scent that lingers the
longest. Perfume with more prominent base notes will last longer than
lighter fragrances with scents in the top notes category. one with
prominent top notes. Base notes usually include balsamic or woody
flavours, as
well as spicy and leathery ones; they are the stronger ones. Citrus,
floral and
green scents have lighter base notes which are more volatile, therefore
it will
evaporate quicker.

TIP: Apply
to your pulse points

Fragrance reacts to heat, so applying
it to parts of the body that are likely to heat up during the day helps release
the scent. Pulse points include neck, inner elbow, wrists and back of the knee.

TIP: Don’t

Try not rubbing your wrists together.
Friction will cause the top notes to fade faster and the perfume won’t last as
long. If you can’t spray the fragrance, then try to dab it on your skin really

TIP: Prep
your skin

Take a shower using a matching body
wash. Perfume lasts longer when applied on clean skin. While the skin is still
damp but after you towel dry, use your matching body lotion or an unscented variation (using a mismatched scent could result in an unpleasant fragrance). Moisturised skin will retain the fragrance
for longer because lotion acts as a bind to help the scent stick to it. Think
of it as a primer, just like when you’re doing your makeup. L’Occitane are known for their body products,
they’re lightweight, hydrating and the beautiful scents linger on for hours.
They often do boxes with matching body washes and body lotions which makes the
layering even easier. It’s best to wait a few minutes before getting dressed,
in order for the scent to not rub off but it will also prevent the fragrance
from staining delicate clothes and jewellery. If you love luxurious scents, Jo Malone London is your best bet with a full
range of scented body products. The fragrance of their colognes, body lotions and
body washes lasts a really long time on the skin, so it’s worth investing in
your favourite Jo Malone London line.

TIP: Don’t
forget the hair

Spray your perfume on your hairbrush
and run it through dry hair. Spraying it directly on your hair may cause damage
because of the alcohol. If you’re still worried that the perfume may damage
your hair, try using a hair fragrance, designed specifically for this and
sometimes even including vitamins to keep your locks shiny and nourished. Jo Malone London provides hair mists in two of the brands popular scents: English Pear & Freesia and Wild Bluebell, the formulation leaves your hair looking
glossy and feeling soft, thanks to the Argan Oil and Pro Vitamin B, added to
the formula. The mist is fine and lightweight, so it won’t weigh down
your hair while the subtle scent compliments your perfume.

TIP: Store
your perfume properly

Many people store their scents in the
bathroom which can actually be quite bad for them. Humidity, light and heat will
break down the chemical compounds over time, resulting in changes in the
potency of the fragrance. That’s why it’s best if you keep them in a cool, dry
and dark place instead. It’s also a good idea to leave the bottle in its
original box and try to keep it still. Shaking the bottle can allow air to
infuse the perfume and shorten its lifespan.

TIP: Use
every last drop

Don’t waste those last few drops.
Instead, add them to unscented body lotion to make your favourite scent last
even longer. Alternatively, spray tissue paper with your favourite fragrance
and line your drawers to make your clothes smell amazing.

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Story by: Dessie

Photography: Evangeline Sarney

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