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Is TikTok’s Nature Cereal Wholesome? A Dietitian Explains

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One of many newest eating regimen developments zipping round TikTok known as nature cereal, initially shared by person @natures_food and since popularized by tens of millions of customers (together with the one and solely Lizzo). The recipe is straightforward: you pour coconut water over pomegranate seeds and berries, including ice cubes alá Lizzo in order for you additional refreshment, and eat it with a spoon like cereal.

Sounds fairly nutritious to us, and Ariana Fiorita, a registered dietitian at Cleveland Clinic’s Center for Functional Medicine, agreed. Let’s break down why and what potential drawbacks this breakfast-y snack has as effectively.

Well being Advantages of Nature Cereal

  1. Berries and pomegranate seeds are loaded with wholesome vitamins. “Berries and pomegranates comprise antioxidants, varied phytonutrients, fiber, and vitamins resembling potassium and vitamin C,” Fiorita instructed POPSUGAR. As well as, berries have anti-inflammatory properties (irritation is linked to conditions like weight problems, kind 2 diabetes, and coronary heart illness) and likewise assist “the physique’s pure cleansing system,” she stated.
  2. These fruits are low on the glycemic index. The berries in nature cereal are much less prone to trigger blood sugar spikes, Fiorita stated, which can enable you lower cholesterol and stop you from getting hungry quickly after consuming. Low-GI meals are particularly good selections for folks with insulin resistance or diabetes, Fiorita added.
  3. Coconut water comprises electrolytes. Pure coconut water is stuffed with electrolytes like potassium, sodium, magnesium, and phosphorous, Fiorita stated. “It could be helpful in repleting fluids after in depth sweat loss,” like after a troublesome exercise or a very long time within the solar, in addition to stopping muscle cramps. Potassium additionally helps to decrease blood sugar. And whereas many sports activities drinks will help you replenish electrolytes, pure coconut water has fewer added sugars and synthetic elements.
  4. Nature cereal will help with digestion. The creator of this TikTok pattern stated that nature cereal aided his digestion, and Fiorita confirmed that this generally is a profit. “Digestion is fueled by ample fiber and fluid consumption,” she defined. “Berries comprise fibers which might promote the expansion of fine micro organism within the intestine and assist general motility.” Coconut water, in the meantime, has the water content material and electrolytes to hydrate you, plus magnesium to “support in muscle rest and contraction,” Fiorita defined.

Potential Downsides to Nature Cereal

As nutritious as nature cereal is, Fiorita stated there are a pair issues you need to know earlier than making it your new each day breakfast.

  1. Coconut water is excessive in pure sugar. For those who’re diabetic or following the low-carb, low-sugar ketogenic eating regimen, word that the pure sugar in coconut water “can add up,” Fiorita stated. A cup of coconut water with out added sugars can nonetheless comprise 11 to 12 grams of pure sugar.
  2. In case you have kidney points, watch out to not overdo the potassium. This high-potassium breakfast may not be a terrific alternative for these with kidney issues, Fiorita stated. That is as a result of a part of the kidney’s job is to filter potassium out of the blood when there’s an excessive amount of of it. When your kidneys cannot try this, it might lead to hyperkalemia (excessive ranges of potassium within the blood), which might trigger signs like muscle weak point, nausea, numbness. Sudden and extreme instances could also be life-threatening.
  3. By itself, nature cereal isn’t a balanced meal. Whereas nutritious, nature cereal might not fill you up for the entire morning, Fiorita stated, as a result of it lacks the important thing macronutrients of fat and protein. Strive rounding out the meal with a protein smoothie, eggs, tofu, or avocado toast.

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