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M.2 As Fast As Possible

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Drives continuously seem obtaining smaller sized as well as much faster. Just how can the new M. 2 interface support your COMPUTER task faster?



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    1. its not about being patient. If the game didn’t have to load and show the load screen everytime you open a door, it could allow you to interact with things inside the house from outside the house when the door is open. You’d love that especially when playing as an assassin or a thief and it’s realistic. That’s just an example of how fast data reading and writing can benefit gaming. Right now the tech is still so expensive for us average gamers that open world games like skyrim can’t do that.

    2. changing you hdd to an ssd isnt going to change that. that would take rebuilding how the game works and runs. maybe some time soon it will get cheaper but for now ssd’s are just about as practical as 4k displays.

  1. Would I want to use M.2 for longer battery life in my laptop? I would need a 2.5″ to M.2 adapter, though.

    1. if the motherboard of your laptop supports it, yes you can. you have to do a little bit of digging it your laptop will support m.2. otherwise, a regular ssd will do just fine for your laptop. and as the other person said, you can also buy a bigger battery for your laptop.

    2. you have to remember that a regular laptop hard drive is also 2.5 (the old mechanical disc drive) a standard ssd will do just fine for your laptop.

    1. 2.5 inch ssds have been 500mB/s for five years. people need to stop overestimating the evolution of computer technology.

  2. Linus, i got a question, why is there no orange cable at SATA anymore? And why did we switch from molex to sata?

    1. *in middle of trying to disconnect a molex connector….. grunts* go wan…. go wan ya good thing ya…. nearly there..*grunts again* pulling with one’s slippy fingers…. come on ya fecker….grunts* come on ya good thing, *bang* goes flying backyards as the molex finaly comes out and hits ones head on the bed frame behind.” *ouww *head stinging where gash now is *

    2. Rusty Rivet Absolute bollox, sata power connectors are the worst thing ever, they are thin and cheap and they brake easily, they should have made a more robust connector for HDD power like a small square block. sata power connectors cannot handle the stress and weight of cables especially if you unplug frequently and move things around a lot. molex power cables are much more sturdy and don’t brake.

    3. M1S†eR FREE D I question anyone’s mental capacity when they spell break as “brake”. You must be one of those 200 pound gorillas. I have been using sata connectors ever since they came out and I have never broken one.

  3. Linus My new XPS 15 has a M.2 slot how fast is it and installing a M.2 samsung 950 pro get me Macbook read and write speed or should I just stick with my sata 3 850 ssd

    1. If you want to use M.2 I’d suggest the new Samsung 960. Though the transfer speed limit will be much higher, you still might not notice an improvement with normal usage compared to Sata 3.

    2. +Bo Rerun The maximum speeds will be faster, but probably not noticeable in everyday usage. Remember that most of the advantage of switching from an HDD to SSD was the access times. Now that those are all basically even, outright transfer speed is the only difference, and most everyday usage including gaming won’t take advantage of that.