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Makeup Tips — How to Add Volume and Hold to Eyebrows with Gel

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 How to make your eyebrows extra full & fluffy with TWO brow gels

“Use Two Brow Gels: A fibre infused gel for texture. A clear gel for hold”

Should I use two brow gels? Can I even use two brow gels? The idea of two brow gels may sound a little scary at first. After all, who wants rock-hard eyebrows that feel uncomfortable and scratchy? Rather than envisioning crispy and uncomfortable brows, think of it this way: Apply one brow gel to add texture and volume, and another to really set those brows in place. Whilst fiber-fueled brow gels do provide some hold, it typically does not last as long as a tried-true-and-tested strong hold brow gel. Our recommended best volumizing brow gels provide amazing texture, but they do struggle to keep pesky brow hairs in place. Our clear brow gel recommendations are provided with both comfort and hold in mind so there are no crispy brows in sight.  


Hourglass Arch Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel

This fiber infused brow gel may be the best volumizing brow gel. With a perfect combination of hold and volume, this brow gel instantly adds an even layer of volume to each and every brow hair with many thanks to the dual-sided brush which features both short and long bristles allowing you to catch each and every hair. With a natural looking tint, this brow gel never looks fake or overly unnatural, but rather provides brows with realistic looking (and comfortable) texture that doesn’t flake or smudge. The hold isn’t the greatest, as brow hairs start to move about throughout the day.


Benefit Gimme Brow Volumizing Eyebrow Gel

One of the original brow gels to pioneer textured and fiber filled brow gels, gimme brow contains tiny fibers which cling to your existing brow hairs for a volumized effect. The tiny brush allows for ultimate precision, giving you the ability to add texture to every patch of your brows. It does provide some hold, but it can feel dry. Its hold effects typically don’t last long, especially in warm and humid climates.

elf Wow Brow Fiber Brow Gel

This budget-friendly option rivals many of its high-end counterparts. With a sheer tint and buildable formula, this fiber brow gel provides fullness and volume within an instant. A slightly “wetter” formula than others, this formula contains a combination of waxes, gels, and clay, this may cause the formula to smudge, so setting with a clear gel is wise. 


Makeup Revolution Clear Fixer Clear Brow Gel

This budget-friendly clear brow gel is perfect when combined with a volumizing option. Designed to provide nourishment to the brows, this smooth and lightweight formula holds brows into place for all day wear. The small and tapered brush allows you to catch each and every hair  to create a natural feathered brow look.

MAC Brow Set Brow Gel

This lightweight clear brow gel effortlessly grooms brows without feeling thick, greasy, or slimy. The perfectly balanced brow gel feels comfortable to wear as it keeps brows in place for hours (and without that dry and crispy feeling)

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