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Makeup Tips — How to Care for Your Cuticles

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The cuticle is a layer of transparent
skin located above and around our finger or toe nail base. It serves a very
important purpose – to protect nails from bacteria when they grow out from the
nail root. The cuticle area is quite delicate and requires care in order to
maintain healthy and bacteria-free nails.

Here are a few important tips to help
you give your cuticles the right care.

TIP: Keep them clean

Keeping your cuticles clean prevents
infection. Simply soak your finger- and toenails in warm, soapy water for about
5-10 minutes once a week. This will help soften the cuticles and clean your

TIP: Don’t
cut your cuticles

Specialists have been advising this
for years, yet some nail salons still practice it. Yes, cuticles are dead
tissue but cutting them completely exposes your nails and the skin surrounding
them to bacteria which can lead to infection. Cutting your cuticles can also
lead to nail issues such as ridges, white lines and white spots. Next time, ask
your technician to push back your cuticles instead of cutting them. If you want
to do that at home, use the classic orangewood stick but make sure you soften
the cuticles beforehand. In case you don’t have the time, just push them back
gently with fingers at the end of your next shower. Remember to be gentle and
to not push too hard.

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Sally Hansen Vitamin E Cuticle Oil

TIP: Moisturise
the cuticle area

The area around our nails can get dry
or damaged, as it’s a delicate one. Cuticles can peel, flake or crack and oils
can help to nourish them. If you build a habit of applying cuticle oil daily,
soon you’ll notice big improvements not only in your cuticles but in your
entire nail, as well. Dry cuticles are just like dry skin, in a need of
moisture. After applying your face cream, simply rub what’s left over into your
cuticles. Cuticle oil and ointments may not be practical in the day but any
fast-absorbing lotion or hand cream can keep your nails a bit more hydrated if
you want to leave the heavier treatments for the night.

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Tweezerman Nail File

TIP: Keep
your nails healthy

You don’t need to visit the salon
every week to have impeccable manicure. There are just a few steps for healthy
nails that you can follow at home. Simply trim them regularly, use a nail file
to smooth out edges, moisturise them each evening and whenever possible, give
them a break from harsh nail polishes and removers. They can dry out the nails,
turn them yellow and weaken their structure. Make sure you visit nail salons
that work only with licensed technicians and their tools are sterilised before
getting your nails done, it’s important for your health.

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Sally Hansen Nail Rehab

TIP: Protect
your nails with a base coat

The point of this step is to avoid
staining your nails and to make your nail polish last longer but many base
coats nowadays also have hydrating and strengthening properties to minimise the
damage. Or try a nail hardener for added impact!

Sally Hansen Nail Rehab

TIP: Steer
clear from acrylic and gel nails

They’re quite convenient because of
their longevity but ultimately, they’re extremely drying for the nails and
cuticles. If you really can’t be without them, at least try to use them a bit
more sparingly and let your nails and cuticles recover properly between

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Story by: Dessie Mertsching

Images: Supplied (Tweezerman, Sally Hansen)

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