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Makeup Tips — How to Prep and Prime Extra Oily and Hooded…

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It’s a general assumption and fact that adequately prepping
and priming your skin is essential for improving the application of your foundation
and its longevity. To ensure your foundation (and everything else on top
for the matter) lasts all day, taking time to prep your skin can make all
the difference. Eye makeup on the other hand, doesn’t get anywhere near as much
attention in the prepping and priming space, but it should. Often the most complicated
and time-consuming step of a makeup routine, smoky eyes, winged liner, or a
beautifully well blended bronzy eye take much longer than a simple swipe of red lipstick. Just as you pay attention to creating a crisp clean
line or blending your eyeshadow seamlessly, it’s well worth prepping your
eyelids too. It may seem like an unnecessary step, but it can make all the difference.

How to Prep Eyelids for Eye Makeup Application

Oil Blotting Sheets for Eyelids



1. CLEANSE: Cleansing your eyelids prior to apply eye makeup is a step
that everyone can benefit from. Start by gently cleansing the eyelids with a
micellar water or non-oil-based eye makeup remover. This will assist in removing
any excess oils on your eyelids that have built up throughout the day or
overnight, creating a smooth, clean base for your eye makeup to grip to. It’s super
important to avoid using a cleansing oil or bi-phase eye makeup remover for this
step as it is likely to leave an oily film on the eyelids. Eye makeup will not grip
adequately to eyelids with traces of oil, and it’s more likely to slip and
slide all over the place.

2. BLOT: After cleansing the eyelids, it can be especially beneficial
to “blot” the eyelids with an oil blotting sheet, especially if you have super oily
eyelids or hooded eyes. Blotting the eyelids with an oil blotting sheet works similar to blotting your skin by removing any
traces of moisture and provide a perfect dry base for your eye makeup to apply.

How to Use an Eye Primer for Eyeshadow

How to Prime Oily Eyelids


3. PRIME Eye makeup prep is primarily associated with a simple eye primer,
and it’s definitely key step to ensuring your eyeshadow applies smoothly and
lasts all day (and night) without creasing or smudging.  After creating a clean base, gently apply a SMALL
amount of eyeshadow primer to the eyelids. Start by applying 1-2 small dots of
product onto the eyelids and gently tap the product in with your finger (or use
a small, synthetic brush) before allowing it to “dry down”. It’s important not
to use too much product as the more product applied to the eyelids, the more
likely creasing is to occur. Furthermore, ensure you’re using a specific
eyeshadow primer. Concealer may seem like an easy way out and simple makeup
hack, but concealers are often loaded with waxes, oils, and other emollient
ingredients which just create far too much slip for eyeshadow and eyeliner to
stick to.

4. SET: “Setting” your eyelid primer can make the world of difference
to the staying power of your eyeshadow. Much like how foundation and concealer
should be set with a powder to “lock in” the product and remove any excess oil
and greasiness, the same should be said for your eye primer too. After applying
primer and allowing it to try down use a small fluffy brush to gently press a
small amount of mattifying primer onto your eyelids. Setting the eyelids with a
powder will lock in powder, create a smooth base for your powder eyeshadows to
apply. Using a pale toned powder will also reduce any discolouration and increase
the intensity of each shade.


NARS Smudge Proof Pro Prime Eyeshadow Base

Often considered the holy grail of eyeshadow primers, this
eyeshadow base is available in both a tinted and translucent variation and
creates a slightly “tacky” base for eyeshadow to grip to. Perfect for extra
oily and hooded eyelids, eyeshadow lasts hours without showing any signs of

Hourglass Veil Eyeshadow Primer

An eye specific variation of Hourglass best selling mineral veil face primer (one of the best primers for super oily skin) this eyeshadow primer combines ultra mattifying aspects with a range of hydrating ingredients to ensure the product applies easily, and creates a smooth base without any flaking. Fantastic for oily eyelids and hooded eyes, this primer makes a fantastic base for both eyeshadow and eyeliner of all formulas.  

Tarte Cosmetics Lid Lock Clay Eyeshadow Base

MAC paint pots generally have the reputation for a dual eyeshadow/primer product, but Tarte’s Lid Lock Primer is a better option if staying power is what you’re after. Whilst MAC Paint Pots may be highly pigmented, they’re also incredibly creamy and sometimes prone to creasing. Tarte combines the best of a long wearing eyeshadow primer with a colour neutralizing base which effortlessly grips and holds eyeshadows for full colour intensity. 

Other noteable options: Urban Decay Primer Potion, Wander Beauty Smooth Sailing 360º Eye Primer, ELF Cosmetics Shadow Lock Eyelid Primer

Story & Photography by: Evangeline


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