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Makeup Tips — Jo Malone Rose and Magnolia Cologne Reviewed

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In the age of niche beauty, luxe brands, anti-consumerism, zero waste, and more “exclusive” scents, it can be easy to turn your nose up at fragrances produced for the mass market; but doing so means you may miss out on a fantastic scent.


A rare gem amidst a sea of luxe, department store
scents, Jo Malone Rose & Magnolia is so strikingly beautiful
you almost second guess whether you smelt it in a major department store
or a niche fragrance boutique in France or Milan.

If you tend to avoid traditional florals and “feminine” scents, Rose and Magnolia are two words which may make you instantly turn your nose away. Don’t fret. Even if you’re some who stereotypically avoids rose and floral scented fragrances,
it’s worth giving this one a try.

Forget fresh, young, girly, and
almost sweetly sickening, this scent from Jo Malone is an interesting
calibrate of dark and decedent, yet ever so creamy. It’s the kind of
rich and sophisticated scent that brings an allure of mystery to its
wearer – it’s floral and feminine, but not light-heartedly, it’s rather an
interesting enigma. It’s rich, it’s classy, it’s smart, but it still has
a tiny hint of playfulness that catches your nose, makes you smile and
feel a little warm inside.


The combination of fresh magnolia and
romantic rose combine together in an interesting concoction,
amplifying each other’s best features – modern and fresh, rich and
sophisticated. A
kick of black pepper helps to modernize the fragrance and give it
an enchanting and opulent spark. Patchouli lingers at the very base,
assisting with the warm, spicy, and woody beginning of the fragrance. Even if patchouli is a note you absolutely cannot bear to smell, you will be pleased to
learn it serves as part of the fragrance cocktail, not the star of it.
It’s needed to keep things warm, but it doesn’t take away the spotlight
from the dreamy magnolia and decadent rose.


Jo Malone Rose & Magnolia Cologne is a limited edition scent for Holiday 2019. Avaliable at Jo Malone Boutiques and select department stores.

Story & Photography: Evangeline Sarney

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