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Makeup Tips — The Rise of the Gel Blush & Application Tips

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It might seem that blushes have been
neglected a bit, compared to the attention that highlighters and bronzers have
been receiving in the past few years, but blush is the easiest and quickest way
to add life to your complexion. Whether you are in a rush in the morning or
you’re getting ready for a night out, blush can be one of your best friends.
The blush category has been steadily gathering strength in 2019 as proven by
the numerous advancements in blush formulas, including gel blush.

While powder blushes can look cakey,
especially in humid environment, and cream ones give a natural flush of colour
but can melt away in the heat, gel blushes step up and deliver a silky texture
that looks healthy on the cheeks and on top of that, promises a fantastic
staying power, so that your rosy tint doesn’t fade away throughout the day.


Gel blushes give a dewy and
natural-looking finish and they’re so lightweight that it makes the application
incredibly easy and even therapeutic. The gel-like texture lets you control the
amount of product and the pigmentation better than liquid blushes that leave
more of a stain and aren’t as easy to manipulate. The best part is that you
don’t need special tools to get the lovely radiant tint on your cheeks, simply
use the warmth of your fingers to dab the desired amount of product.


Another reason for gel blushes being
in the spotlight is the fact that they look beautiful on various skin types.
Whether you’re a bit dry or you have combination skin, gel blush will give you
that lit-from-within look that makes you appear more awake. The hydrating
formula of this type of blush is also suitable for mature skin, as it almost
melts onto the skin to give a natural, youthful glow and it doesn’t make the
pores appear larger.


We asked top Australian makeup artist Zoe Karlis for the
best application tips, so that blush application is no longer a guessing game,
and here’s how you can get it right every time.

What is the
best method for applying gel style blush formulas?

Once you’ve applied your foundation,
tinted moisturiser or just going bare skinned adding a dab of a gel blush onto
the apples of your cheeks will give you a lovely healthy glow. The depth of the
gel is totally up to you and the formula allows a great build up!

What is the biggest issue/mistake people

I feel people often set a gel style
blush with a translucent powder and although not incorrect, a gel formula
should look fresh, flushed like, and by setting it you basically give it a
powder effect. Leave it alone and give it time to settle into the skin. Most
formulas are great and the longevity of the stains means it won’t budge.

What is the best application method for
cheek tints, balls, stains, and gels?

Personally I prefer to use my
fingers. I find the warmth from your finger tips and natural oils allow the gel
formula to blend effortlessly and you can easily control the amount allowed.

What tools/brushes should be used for
applying these?

If you’re not using your fingers I’d
suggest a synthetic brush. Synthetic fibres tend not to absorb a lot of the product.
Don’t go for a large blush brush, instead try a smaller brush and work the
product into the skin by buffing it in.

What types of foundation formula works
best when using these types of products?

A foundation that has a dewy/luminous
finish works well with gel cheek formulas. If you pop a gel or tint onto a very
matte base you may find the product just sticks and it’s quite difficult to


If you’d like to try a gel-like blush
formula or you already love it and you want to add a few more products to your
makeup collection, have a look at these suggestions.

PhotoReadyBlush Gel

This one is for the lovers of shimmer
as it doubles up as a highlighter. The bouncy texture is fun to use, glides on
easily and sets relatively quickly. The blush comes in 2 shades to give a
natural wash of colour to various skin tones.

Rimmel Blush

This water-based jelly is available
in 4 different shades and delivers a lightweight, dewy finish that looks
natural on the cheeks. The formula is really pigmented, a little goes a long
way and the tint stays put throughout the whole day, so you don’t even need
touch-ups during your lunch break.

Pixi Sheer
Cheek Gel

The translucent gel gives a natural
pop of colour for a fresh and youthful glow and can be used on the lips, as
well. The oil-free and fragrance-free formula contains Aloe Vera, known for its
soothing properties. The blush comes in 3 beautiful shades.

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Revlon PhotoReady Blush Gelee

Rimmel Blush Jelly

Pixi Sheer Cheek Gel

Story by: Dessie Mertsching

Images: Supplied (Rimmel London, Revlon, Pixi)

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