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Silky smooth skin is the ultimate confidence booster. That
feeling of freshly moisturized skin that’s left feeling luxuriously soft for
days on end can play a huge part in making you feel confident in your own skin.

At times I’ve neglected to engage in a daily ritual of body
moisturization, often due to products that miss the mark; taking too longer to
absorb & feeling greasy on the skin, leaving bumps and spots, causing my
skin to feel drier than its initial condition.

Sorting through the hundreds of beauty products I’m sent to
trial, many do not even make it onto my skin, but the moment I smelled the
Palmer’s Natural Infusion line I immediately wanted to slather the products
over my skin. A deliciously fresh, floral, and feminine scent of wild rose, and
lavender with a hint of citrus gives this line of product a beautiful
concoction of scent.

Body Oil


I’m a big fan of oils when it comes to beauty; face oils and
hair oils in particular so naturally the body oil was the first product I
tried, the packaging is a little leaky, but it’s something you can generally
overlook thanks to the other positive attributes of the product. The formulation
of this oil is lightweight, clear, and feels amazing when applied onto the
skin. Almost melting into the skin as though it were a serum of sorts, this oil
does take some time to absorb into the skin, but it also leaves skin feeling ultra-silky
smooth, and nourished. Best applied after the shower (or at least 30 minutes
before dressing) this oil works great applied before bed for ultimate overnight
hydration. The formulation is luxurious and rivals many expensive, higher end
products on the market, and the scent definitely doesn’t smell like your
typical drugstore body lotion. Bonus: you can even use it as a bath oil!

Body Lotion

A lighter, more day-time friendly formulation (with a
matching scent) the Palmer’s Rose & Coconut Body Lotion has a lightweight
almost “whipped” consistency. Coconut Oil is a key ingredient in this body
lotion, yet greasiness is never an issue. Instantly absorbing into the skin
after application, this is one of the few body lotions that you can apply
almost immediately before getting dressed without the risk of residue ruining
your clothes or fabric latching onto your skin making it a challenge to get
dressed. The lightweight formula of this body lotion has quickly made it rise
to the top of my list of exceptionally great body care products as the feeling
of being able to apply the product, have it instantly absorb, and then be left
with silky soft smooth skin is a great one!

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Story & Photography: Evangeline Sarney

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