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Makeup Tips — Top Tips for How to Select the Perfect Nude…

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Whilst a bright red lip can be pared with dewy skin and a
gorgeous winged liner, it’s not the best option of choice when you’re wearing a
deep and dark smoky eyeshadow (it can sometimes look a bit over powering) or if
you’re experimenting with colour on the eyes (purple eyeshadow or an electric
blue liner) for those times when you’re wanting to divert attention to the
eyes, or simply want a basic everyday makeup look, a nude lipstick is generally
the go to for adding a little colour to your lips without over powering your

Picking the perfect nude lipstick requires more effort than selecting
a red or bright pink as undertones, intensity and pigmentation can play a huge
factor in determining how the colour looks against your skin.






When shopping for nude lipstick, make sure your lips are
completely free of colour, and if possible make it that you are not wearing any
makeup, this allows you to visualize the colour against your natural skintone
without the interference of bronzers, blushers, and foundation.

With no makeup on, examine the inside of your lip by popping
your bottom lip down and making a sad face, the inside colour of your lip will
help you to see what the most flattering nude colour will be on your skintone.

Lighter skintones should opt for a shade that has a pink tone.

Medium skin go for something more beige and yellow based

Darker skin looks best something that is a rich, dark, mocha
style brown similar to the natural lip shade.

When picking your perfect nude lipstick, if it isn’t possible to
hygienically test it on your lips, swatch the lipstick on your fingertip, hold
it up to your mouth and smile. The texture of your fingertips is similar in
both colour and texture to your lips and will give an
indication to how the colour will appear based on your lips pigmentation.

LOreal Paris Lipstick Application Nude Matte Lipstick


Nude lipsticks can be very unforgiving to fine lines and dryness
on the lips so try to pick a smoothing, hydrating formula which doesn’t
accentuate texture on the lips. It’s best to stay clear of super matte formulas
and drying liquid lipsticks. Matte nudes can sometimes make the skin look
washed out so opt for a creamy, semi-matte finish that has a tiny amount of
shine to it.

Nude lipsticks with a tiny amount of shimmer will help add dimension to the lips.

Nude Lipstick Swatches

Top lipsticks:

Bobbi Brown Crushed Oil Infused Gloss for a ultra
comfortable glossy finish

Tarte Color Splash Lipstick for a smooth and creamy high
pigment colour

Elizabeth Arden Plush Up Lip Gelato for a tinted lip balm

Loreal Color Riche
Matte Free the Nude Lipstick Collection for a matte formula that doesn’t dry out the lips

Story by: Evangeline Sarney

Photography: Urban Outfitters (supplied) L’Oreal (supplied)

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