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Manicure ideas for Valentine’s Day 2021

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It is never too early to start planning your Valentine’s Day ensemble, especially if you want to be decked out perfectly from head to toe. And while you might already know what to wear for your big date, the manicure to go along with it might still be a big mystery. In our opinion, the perfect V-day manicure is supposed to be super fun, kinda sexy and slightly colourful. Which is why we scoured the internet for stunning V-Day manicure ideas that we think will look lovely with your V-day outfit.


01. Bling pink

01. Bling pink

Image courtesy: @shimiziyogo

If you are taking yourself to the manicurists to get your V-day nails done, we suggest you go all out with your pick. We love these glossy, hot pink nails paired with dainty, golden studs to match the solid denim ensemble. So, if you have smart basics planned as your outfit for V-day, this manicure will bring in the right kind of girly details to it.



02. Fiyah nails!

02. Fiyah nails!

Image courtesy: @rachelsuenails

If you want to keep it trendy for V-day, coloured French tips are a good option to consider. However, pick one accent finger to add some extra detailing to it like this fire-inspired manicure design. It won’t be just you looking smokin’ hot on V-Day, your nails will be keeping up with the sweltering vibe as well.


03. Cutesy love

03. Cutesy love

Image courtesy: @press_reset_nails

We love abstract and novelty nail art designs! Since it is Valentine’s Day, you might be looking for some cutesy heart-details manicure designs, and this is such a good one to pick. One of the best uses of an off-white base we have ever seen — this design can be easily recreated at home with a thin brush and pick of abstract shapes of your choice.


04. Colourful tips

04. Colourful tips

Image courtesy: @heymichellelee

Like we mentioned earlier, V-day nails need some happy colours in them, and this is a chic and subtle way to do it. Start with a buffed base coated in clear polish. Then, pick your favourite neons or pastels and paint quirky shapes on them, keeping them close to the tips.

BB picks: The Elle 18 Nail Pops Nail Polish range


05. Crimson delight

05. Crimson delight

Image courtesy: @xjuliatalisman

Now, for something a bit more straightforward yet oh-so-classy, pick the brightest, most daring shade of red, you can find and apply it to perfectly shaped nails. Top it off with a glossy top coat for a manicure as stylish as your V-Day outfit.

BB picks: Lakmé 9 to 5 Primer + Gloss Nail Color – Red Splash

Main image courtesy: @antoniacheri


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