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Safe PC Temperatures as Fast As Possible

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Exactly how warm is safe for my CPU? Exactly how around my graphics card? Sight the video clip in addition to you’ll understand!



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  1. Sorry Linus I don’t think you were specific enough! People need actual numbers or else the debate will continue to ad nauseum!

    1. Mate, as both me and Linus mentioned (at 0:48), at higher temps – this is 105°C for most modern CPUs – the in-built temperature protection kicks in throttling the speed and dropping both the temperatures and the performance.

    2. So it’s impossible to reach unsafe temperatures and nobody should ever worry?

      Except about lowered performance with substandard cooling?

    3. That’s right. If you aren’t into super-duper high voltage overclocking, there’s no way you’re going to damage your CPU due to heat. Even in that case, heat is primarily avoided as the main obstacle to reaching higher clocks.

      For instance, I myself have ran my Core 2 Duo moderately overclocked at 95+C in GAMES probably for at least a year before discovering this (box cooler’s thermal paste turned to cement) and it’s still as good as new. Modern 32nm and smaller process CPUs are even more resilient.

      You might say: “well, I would still feel more comfortable sticking to a lower temp threshold just in case”, but then remember that for the manufacturer who sets the Tjunction, it’s not just a matter of “comfortable”, it’s a matter of RMAing hundreds of thousands of broken CPUs if they don’t get their temperature margins right. That’s why I personally trust them with it.

    1. +Mary Jane
      Lol Yea I can’t remember either. . .I even reread the thread. . . Still got nothing.
      * Shrugs * See you around YouTube mate.

    2. shark103 linustechtips employs over 10 employees. They wouldn’t be able to pay them or make these great videos without ads

    1. SupaMario81 my phone (nexus 6p) has reached 92°C. now imagine holding a phone with that kind of heating issues

    1. Canada is great high income high prices! Look at America high income low prices fucking fat cats ?

    1. heat tranfers through radiation in empty space, outer space near the earth is at 7 celcius, so your gpu would be well cooled, heat is also released through other mechanisms in space but im no scientist

    2. +Juan P. Reynoso Well it may be 7c but… the solar rays on one side heat up to 180c and on the otherside getting no heat would go down to -150c but you are right by saying that there are other cooling mechanism and by having no environment to transfer heat, more % will exit into infrared rays

    3. Heat transfer through radiation is rather inefficient though, so I doubt it would stay cool in space using standard equipment. Also space has a very high range of temperatures, some of which are definitely not good for hardware.

    1. my latop sounds the same, still heats up to over 100°cpu and gpu temp and is probably broken since 2 years since my gtx 555m and i7 get outperformed by my girlfriends same generation laptops i3 integrated graphics

    1. no, Its fine. It turns out it’s the software that was fucking up, not entirely surprised seen as the motherboard was apparently nearly twice as hot as the CPU.

  2. my pc is 60c on a corsair h100i so how do i install a new distributor on a 2009 toyota corolla le without risking damaging my kitchen’s tile because my mom wont be happy when my dog bites her and runs away

    1. i usually run my gtx 770 between 75 and 82°C under load (depending on season), and it lived for 3 years, so should be fine.

    1. MrDeeb8 try to dial back your voltage slightly, it’s not terrible but you’re risking throttling if your temps spike, if you get throttled your overclock becomes basically pointless. Al about the sweet spot

    1. +NicoandLuis A CoolerMaster Hyper 103. Yeah Idle temps are usually 20-25 C. At full load it is around 35-40 C. I was surprised too, I have no reason whatsoever to get a Liquid Cooler.

  3. Next LinusTechTips video:
    Building a liquid nitrogen cooled gaming rig for a small loan of a billion dollars (2017) (GONE WRONG)

  4. My laptop turns off automatically when the CPU crosses 90°C. This is a problem for me when playing games. Can I raise the limit to 95 or 100?
    Processor is intel i3 3110M.

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