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Squish To Condish New Hair Hydrating Technique for Curly Hair

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If you’re a girl with curly hair, you sure love your bouncy curls but you also know that managing curly locks is quite the task, especially if it’s the winter season. From frizz to lifeless hair, the problems are many when it comes to dealing with curly tresses. All of these boil down to one big concern—the lack of hydration. Worse, curls have a tendency to get tangled all the more during this season. This is precisely why you need to be introduced to squish to condish—the best way keep your curls hydrated. If you’re curious to know more on this, scroll down…


What is the squish to condish technique?

What is the squish to condish technique?

This technique revolves around the fact that both conditioner and water should work together to hydrate your curls. While conditioner is the product that will help you beat your dehydrated curls, water is what will aid the conditioner in seeping in. This method is where you squish your hair with water after having applied conditioner instead of merely washing it off.

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How does it help?

How does it help?

Quite obviously, this detailed method of conditioning hair leaves your curls deeply moisturised. You won’t even require the need for a serum if you practice this daily because it will automatically help your curls behave.

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How to squish to condish?

How to squish to condish?

To follow this technique, first wash your hair with a shampoo that induces moisture in your hair—a crucial part of cleansing curly hair. We suggest the Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo that’s made with Oxyfusion Technology and has a lightweight texture—just what your curls need. Once you’ve washed your hair with the shampoo, use the Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner while soaking your curls in it. Flip your hair upside down. Next, collect water in your palms and squish your hair from the end all the way to the scalp. Make sure you do this section by section to ensure that all parts of your hair feel hydrated. When you squish, your hair is forced to absorb the water and conditioner together thereby ensuring that your curls feel deeply conditioned.

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