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What Is a Body Balm? How to, and…

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Just like a lip balm, a body balm can provide ultra nourishment and long-lasting hydration. Forming a protective barrier over the skin, a good body balm will assist in locking in moisture and soothing inflammation and irritation.

So how does a body balm differ from traditional body lotions and creams?

Body Balm Texture What is a Body Balm

Body Balm: The ultimate product for hydration, a body balm is almost like a hybrid which combines the best of a body cream and body oil in one. A thick (and often solid) balm, this is a product packed full of nourishing butters and hydrating oils. Upon contact to the skin a body balm will “warm” and “melt into the skin”. Although many are fast absorbing, others take a little longer to work their way into the skin, but that can actually be an added benefit: body balm they leave skin with a beautiful glow!



  • Body Oil: A richly nourishing oil which provides a glow and hydration to the skin. Great for ultra-dry skin, they are richly hydrating, but can cause some congestion. These aren’t ideal for use in the mornings or prior to getting dressed! Body oils can be rich and emollient or they can take the form of a “dry oil” which instantly absorbs into the skin
  • Body Lotion: Usually a lightweight liquid-cream formula, a body lotion is great for use in the mornings and for daily use. They help to maintain balance and hydration, they’re suitable for all skin types, and their formulas are fast absorbing. Those with excessive dryness, skin condition, or irritation may not find them quite hydrating enough
  • Body Cream/Butter: A richer, more emollient variation of a body lotion (and usually packaged in a tub!) a body cream or butter is ideal for use on very dry and irritated skin. These creams are best used after showering in the even as they often take a long period of time to absorb (resulting in a “sticky” feeling)

Best Body Balms Uma Absolute Anti Aging Body Balm

Body balms differ in texture and formula, some are more oil based, whilst others are a little more solid. As a general rule, body balms need to be warmed up for best results. Either scoop out some product or if the balm is in a stick (the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Jar can actually be inverted to be used like a stick) then simply rub over the skin. 

A body balm is ideal for locking in hydration and moisture as they perform a protective barrier over the skin, thus making them great for those with eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and other skin conditions which see a lack of moisture and hydration.

Body balms have the added benefit of providing a kick of moisture to areas of the skin which are prone to roughness and dryness. Unlike body lotions and creams, a body balm can help to restore and revive dry and cracked elbows, knees, ankles, and feet. 

Body Balm Tips:

Mix with a small amount of shimmer eyeshadow or illuminator and apply to the skin for a gorgeous glow

Massage into the cuticles for a deeply nourishing and protective cuticle treatment

Use after shaving or waxing to soothe irritated skin

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