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What They Are and How They Work

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Dry shampoo sprays have become a
staple for everyone who needs a quick touch-up but has zero time to wash their
hair. It is an easy way to refresh the hair after a workout or between washes,
to enjoy that perfect blow-out for one more day, or to give a bit of life and
volume to your locks during lunch break. However, the classic sprays or powder
formulas often leave a visible, chalky residue and can sometimes dry out the hair,
causing itchy and flaky scalp. The demand for another type of product that
carries similar benefits minus the undesirable effects has brought the dry
shampoo foam to the hair care world. And the ingredient that makes all the
difference is a very simple one, a tiny dash of water.


What is Dry
Shampoo Foam?

Frequent hair washing can lead to dry
and damaged hair, frizzy, rough texture, and fast-fading hair colour. Dry
shampoos help hair feel and look fresh and clean for longer without using water
while leaving a nice scent and giving volume to the strands. Just like the
classic dry shampoo sprays, dry shampoo foams are applied onto the roots of dry
hair and massaged into the scalp, working it to the ends. The difference is in
the added small amount of water in dry shampoo foams and the mousse-like
texture that air-dries in less than a minute. The tiny bit of water in the
formula makes it easier to apply and distribute the product through the hair
without leaving powdery residue and drying the scalp. As the foam dries,
impurities and oil are absorbed, and hair is refreshed.

Dry Shampoo Foam Application

IMAGE: AMIKAApplication

·       Use dry shampoo foams only
on dry hair. Applying this type of product to wet hair can make it look clumpy
instead of absorbing the impurities.

·       Shake the can before
dispensing the product. It is not suggested to apply dry shampoo foams directly
from the can to the roots like it is typically done with dry shampoo sprays.

·       To start use a small
amount of the foam onto the palm or fingertips and then rub the palms together.
Try to use less at first and then add more if needed.

·       Lift your hair in small
sections and massage the foam on a section of the hair, and then proceed with
the rest of the sections that need to be refreshed.

·       Run fingers through the
hair, working the product into the strands. You can even use a hairdryer. Dry
shampoo foam and hairdryer work well together when you need to combat frizz,
smooth out a few strands, straighten parts of the hair, or revive your natural
waves. Dry shampoo foams feel a bit wet upon application but they should dry
almost instantly.


Benefits of
Dry Shampoo Foams

Dry shampoo sprays, powders, and
foams make our lives a bit easier and they all have a place in our beauty
stash. But here is why you might decide to pick foam over the rest of the

Suitable for Multiple Hair Types

The classic dry shampoo spray needs to be brushed out which makes it difficult
for curly and coily hair types to use it, as the curl structure can be damaged.
Thanks to the mousse texture of dry shampoo foam even people with thick, curly,
or frizzy hair can refresh their strands between washes.

Conditioning Ingredients
Frequent use of sprays and powders tends to dry out the hair, as they can
absorb too much of the natural oils. This can lead to an itchy or flaky scalp and
irritation. Dry shampoo foams often include conditioning agents in their
formulas to avoid dryness and keep the hair looking shiny and soft.

No Residue
Dry shampoo sprays and powders leave a visible powdery residue that is
particularly noticeable in dark hair if you use a bit too much of the product
or don’t brush it out well. Foams disappear upon application, leaving the hair
clean and fresh.

Weightless and Volumising
Thanks to the lightweight formula of dry shampoo foams, they give a fantastic lift
and add volume to the hair for beautiful-looking tresses.

Easy to Style
The small amount of water added to dry shampoo foams helps hair feel cleaner
while also making it perfect for styling. Dry shampoo foam doubles up as a
texturiser and you can also use hairdryer to add texture without making the
hair look matte. Sprays and powders can leave the hair looking lifeless and a
bit dull, while foams bring back the shine to your locks.


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